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Last week in my favorite(it shall remain nameless because I don’t want it to get too crowded) nail salon, I was enjoying a glass of wine and picking out my favorite polish, when Dr. Kris decided to join me! YAY!!!  Dr. Kris then requested a new file and pumice for her feet and things went downhill….We tried to explain to the sweet little woman, that nail fungus is spread thru pumice, files and soaking bowls that haven’t been cleaned properly.  She would just not have any of it…and told us in her best broken “American” that her clients didn’t have nail fungus.  They never saw it in their salon!  Unheard of!……Oh really, excuse me lady, but that foot of mine you are holding in your hand right now, has a nail fungus.  Pretty hard for me to not laugh in her face and go into a rant about it, instead I turned up that massage chair and drank every last drop of my wine:)

When we first starting treating, it I didn’t say a word….then Mollie and I were here in the office one day alone and I confessed.  I have it…nail fungus. GROSS.  GROSS.  GROSS.  I mean, really…I get a pedicure once a week because my feet are a rough from running.  How could I get this nasty funk?? Even the name of it, Onychomycosis, sounds disgusting.  So one slow afternoon at the office Mollie cured me of a lifetime of toe embarrassment with our laser:)

Hello, nasty nail salon!  We have all been there done that… walked into a place that wasn’t ever so clean, and thought, it will be fine, or I am in a hurry, I will just come here one time and I will go somewhere better next time. However, even the smallest cut in your cuticle or nail bed opens you up to the possibility of infection.  Then you go home later that afternoon or next day and go for a run…and then leave your tennis shoes on for a little too long.  The infection that crept into that tiny little cut by your toe,  has now started to grow a fungus…

Men get it too, and there is nothing worse than seeing a good-looking man then getting a glimpse of his funky toe in his flip-flops.  Gag me!!!

Covering mine with nail polish had been working with like a charm, so I was really skeptical about being treated because I didn’t want to walk around town with my funky toe staring everyone in the face at Kroger!  But come to find out, you can be treated and go straight home and re-polish!  Hallelujah!!!  No one will ever know!(except now I told y’all…don’t judge me, It is gone!)

Painless.  All you feel is a little heat.  Very easy.  Very confidential.

And the next time you go get a pedi, take your own pumice stone and file!  You can buy the same ones they use at Sally’s for dirt cheap!


Ex-Toenail Fungus Haver,