What’s so magic about that?

I think most of you would probably assume that I would be crazy about the new movie… Magic Mike, and I must admit that I considered seeing it on a girls night with some of my crazy fun girlfriends.  I don’t know why this has bothered me since day one, because I am normally not a prude(that I am aware of) But I just can’t do it.

I read a blog this morning about the movie and decided I would write my own….

Last week, while sitting at the lake, I posted a picture of our past President,Ronald Reagan on our EMA Facebook , for the 4th of July, and thought about just how handsome and honorable he had been.  His wife, years later, even published a book of all the sweet letters he had written to her. I am just guessing that Matthew McConaughey isn’t writing love letters like this…..Image

(I mean really, how sweet…and he looked so handsome in a cowboy hat and he even kept his SHIRT ON)


Make no mistake, I get it.  Channing Tatum is handsome and for as long as I can remember Matthew McConaughey has been walking around shirtless.  But I try my best to not do anything that I wouldn’t want my girls to do…and while I know that I haven’t seen the movie(and I guess there are a few moral lessons within the script) I want them to know and value what true masculinity really is. 

“Sexy” to me is….

a man that will always lead the prayer at dinner with his family.

a man who is stressed out from working long hours, but still comes home and mows his own yard, waters the flowers, and still finds time to build a lego plane with a 6 year old little boy:)

a man who loves his mother and talks to her almost everyday. 

a man who has self-control and values others opinions.

a man who would never go see a movie about female strippers and their lifestyle and then post about it on his Facebook.

a man who is such a great friend that even though he doesn’t have any children of his own yet…will volunteer to coach your son’s off season soccer team and all the kids will adore him!

a man that is such a great friend….will come over on Christmas EVE morning just to watch your children open their presents from Santa Clause a day early and pretend it’s REAL Christmas day with you, because those same kids are going to spend the actual Christmas Day with their dad that year. 

On the East Memphis Moms Facebook page yesterday someone posted a picture of a dad at the Memphis Zoo wearing a hot pink Barney backpack and strolling behind his FOUR little girls, it had gotten like 7,000 “likes” in Memphis!…now that is handsome. 

 Just my thoughts…..I know you probably have your own:)


You Are The Best Thing……You’re The Best Thing Baby!!!

So…..maybe not, You Are The Best Thing(although I LOVE Ray LaMontagne) But WHAT are your best things? What makes you happy?  What has made your summer better? 

Just a little list of my own, no big deal

1. Baby Lips, by Maybelline.  I am a lip gloss addict and this stuff is over the top.  SPF 20-Everyone that tries it, LOVES it.  Smells great, feels great, and it’s way way cheap.  WALGREENS!!  I think I have funded the company jet since the launch of this stuff.  Fantastico!

2. La Croix– Flavored water does not sound that exciting, but I guess it doesn’t take that much to blow my dress up lately.  They sell this stuff everywhere in Memphis, and I am sure glad.  The grapefruit is my personal favorite and my kids even like the LIME!!!  Kind of a healthy sub for Sprite:) Calorie, sweetener, and sodium free.  ZERO calories. Drink like 12 a day….It doesn’t matter!  It’s water!!

3. Instagram If you know me, then you know I adore everything vintage and I take pictures of everything.  Even though it is a social networking site, you can download the app and set your account to private… just so you can edit your pictures on your phone.  I have even printed a few pics I have edited with the app, and they have turned out really great..plus they look like they were taken in 1973, and I like that:)

4. Monogrammed Jewelry–  I was so excited that my best friend was about to get engaged I ordered her one of these a month in advance.  I want one in every color but the this is my favorite.  These are such special gifts…and we live in the south, people, we monogram everything!!

5.  Gibson Donuts

Since our office is closed on Monday’s, we get to do one of our very favorite things…get donuts in our pjs!!!  It is by far the hands down, best place in Memphis to get the best service.  We have been going there since the kids were babies and Mr. Don always remembers us.  LOVE to support a local business and I swear those donut holes have a drug in them.  They literally melt in your mouth. Go “like” their Facebook page…http://www.facebook.com/gibsonsdonuts

6.  Chevron-  Pillows, sheets, chairs, dresses, purses, tote bags, stationary.  I can not get enough.  Etsy has a ton of chevron products.  Good luck once you get on the site…I can spend hours looking at all of the wonderful handmade and vintage items. www.etsy.com

7.  Latisse–  My best friend is getting married(did I mention that)and I want my lashes to be super long in all of those wedding photos.   This stuff works!  To be honest, I have never really cared about lashes before.  Nothing a little Dior Show can’t fix, right??  WRONG.  If you use it everyday for 6 weeks you will see a giant difference and you will be just as surprised as I was, to see what a difference those batty lashes make. 

8.  Buying Fresh Cut Flowers- Flowers are one of those things that are totally unnecessary but so lovely to enjoy. They just make me happy. Whenever possible, I love to buy freshly cut peonies ( my absolute fav) or roses and keep them at  my desk and in my kitchen.

9.  Glass Water Bottles–  My little girl has made me more environmentally conscious than ever before…but I despise drinking water out of plastic bottles.  It just doesn’t  taste the same as drinking out of glass!   So while walking through Whole Foods one day I saw…A GLASS WATER BOTTLE!!!  Covered in silicone in case you drop it, and in really great colors.  I have used it every single day since I bought it and we will be selling them at EMA next week!  WOOHOOO!!!  I can’t wait!!! 

10.  Thank You Notes- I love to get mail!  If I see my name and address handwritten on the outside of an envelope, I get a little excited.  No one does that anymore….In my opinion if you receive a gift, you write a note expressing your gratitude.  I have a slight addiction to stationary…I can’t even pass up the dollar aisle in Target or Michael’s without looking for cutesy kids paper and cards.  There are fantastic places in town to buy fancy stationary, and one of my favorite places is Menage.  The ladies there are so sweet and helpful and they carry the very best stuff around…wrapping paper, satin ribbon, great gifts, and the Christmas stuff(can’t even talk about it)  LOVELY!    Let’s all do the world a favor and be a little more thankful this summer:)  AMEN.

So what has been your favorite thing this summer?  Any great new things that the ladies of EMA are missing out on?  Comment on our blog for a chance to win OBAGI SUNSHIELD SPF 50….(without it I would have 1,000 freckles on my face) 



Pale living….



there, I said it.  I love to lay on the boat with a drink in my hand and the radio up loud.  I have done it my entire life(sans the drink when younger, obviously) But, we have basically just lived at the lake every summer for as long as I can remember.  It’s the good life.  I hope and pray to live there someday.

And now I beg the question…..Pale or Tan?  I don’t want to be pale, but I don’t want skin cancer or wrinkles(although BOTOX is AMAZING)

Two options …Sunless tan or Wrinkles

Everyone has had a bad sunless tanning experience, but we like to think we are learning as we go and getting better everyday.  I have decided it is much better to deal with a sunless tanning disaster for 3 or 4 days than a giant scar on my leg, arm, stomach, or FACE from having a scary mole removed.

~SCRUB~ I can not say it enough.  Exfoliate big time.  Favorite scrub of all time is Jo Malone.. smells fantastic, leaves you crazy moisturized… but $85 later I am not sure it is that much better. However, guilty pleasure #127, Bath & Body Works(man, I hate that store) has a really great sugar scrub that I have used for years. It makes your skin glow and it comes in a couple of different scents.  (Energy, Sleep, Stress Relief)  They always have some crazy BOGO sale or sale of  lifetime going on at B&B , so you are sure to get a great deal.

~Moisturize~ I really think it is best to do this hours before just to make sure that everything “soaks” in and you can re-touch any really dry places(ole crusty elbows, gnarly feet, ashy knees)  Any lotion will do, but to treat yourself…..Bliss Body Butter is ‘da bomb. Whew! I love this stuff.  And I swear the lemon smell of the lotion combats the smell of the sunless tan.

~Where to Tan~ There is a sign for sunless tanning on every corner. Tan n Go, Palm Beach Tans, Sunless Mobile Tanning, Elite Tanning…the list goes on.  I, personally am not a giant fan of standing in front of a 20 year old with my undergarments off trying to get a fake tan(more power to you if you are) So….. to the Tan n Go I will GO!  Erica LOVES a good Mystic tan!  The booth talks to you…tells you where to stand and exactly what to do.

~Let Me Boss You Around~ Go to tan in your nastiest gym or yoga clothes, something that you do not mind getting messed up.  It may take you a couple of times to figure out how to hold your hands and arms,(and when and if you want it to spray your face) but all in all it is pretty easy.  I am super duper pale, so I always go with the Light #2, Mollie has a darker skin tone and gets Medium.  If you have an event, I would suggest going the day before, just in case there are any mistakes and you need some time to correct them.  Feet and hands are the absolute hardest!   Just exfloliate and mosturize(can’t say it enough) and be sure and wipe the bottoms of your feet when you get out of the booth with a baby wipe(SCRUB)  The “blocker” that they have in the tanning room needs to go in any little tiny crevice you are worried might get orangey.  Elbows, knees, hands, belly button and(under the boobies, shhhh, can’t say that on here)  I always stand around outside of the booth and take my own precious time  air drying.  It’s the secret to not getting streaks and marks in weird places.  If you mess up, use a cotton ball with some nail polish remover to even out the a spots and a pumice or foot file to those feet.

~Maintain~  The more you exfloliate the more the tan comes off……so in the shower for the next few days I choose to use a very light body wash and then moisturize with a coco butter that I get at Whole Foods(Lord help me, I can not stay out of that place)   4 to 5 days is about the limit on how good your new tan will last, so on the 4th day….it’s back to square one and the exfoliation begins again!  WHOOOHOOO SCRUB!

I can’t deny, I have had my fair share of sunless mistakes and… Dr. Kris has been mistaken for Donatella Versace by her youngest child on one occasion. But as time goes by we learn new tricks and look tan and better all the time, with no wrinkles and no cancer(so that’s a good thing!)

You may not like it.  It may not be for you.  But as for me and the ladies at EMA…we will use the sunless!!


“But, I don’t think I am ready for Botox!”

I hear it almost everyday…”Look at my face.  Tell me what I need.  I don’t think I am ready for Botox, yet. What have you had done? Why does your skin look so great? Oh, I bet you are like 12, you don’t even need anything yet.”

It’s a fine line between telling someone they don’t need a thing in the world done, and telling them they probably need 3 syringes of Juvederm, 35 units of Botox, and should start getting some laser work done. Dealing with women and the beauty of their face is a very delicate thing. 

I am not THAT young.  The ripe old age of 31 isn’t exactly spring chickenish…  I have done Botox, I have had some Juvederm and Laser Hair Removal is like a gift from GOD!  If you have lines in your forehead that a Mack Tuck could drive thru, I would say FOR  HEAVEN’S SAKE, do some Botox!  Lines in your lips from years of constant “duckface” for those prized self portraits in your iphone(or using a straw or smoking), get Juvederm!!    

Who cares what age you are…No one wants lines across their face, and life is a lot easier if you can’t make those nasty frowny faces.

People come here to look better, but mostly to feel better about how they look.  So….Good ahead! Do it.  We won’t tell anyone(and YES! You probably need it)


I will give you something to cry about!!!


I will be the first to admit, I am a daddy’s girl, but these days I find myself calling my mom everyday for some random piece of advice or to tell her any little thing that the kids say.  She is my rock, and I am not sure why I have such a hard time telling her.  Something changes in women when they have children and for some reason it has made me soooo much closer to my mother.  She is quirky and crazy(I still roll my eyes several times a day while talking to her) But her strawberry freezer jam recipe will rival any southern mother’s and I am pretty sure her sweet tea has some kind of drug in it!! If you go to her house for a weekend you will know the menu for every meal before you get there and upon leaving you will realize you have gained at least 7lbs(probably will have learned an extra Bible verse or two)

I am super close to my friends and one of our favorite things to do is share all of the crazy stories about our mothers.  We have entire brunches based around, if its not one thing it’s your mother!   I asked them today what their favorite “mom quotes” were and I got an overwhelming response and a huge stream of text following about everyone’s mom.   “What do you mean you aren’t going to church?”  “Don’t plan life, LIVE life!”  “I will beat you with that.” and my all time favorite from Adella herself….”Do not reward yourself with food, Erica…you aren’t a dog!”  One friend said today, “I have never loved her more in my life.”  Awwwww….:)

All moms have different beauty secrets that they instill in us at a young age.  My mom just so happened to love Avon and MaryKay.  This was probably due to the fact that I grew up in podunk and the closest even Walmart was 25 miles away.  I can still remember my very first own bottle of Avon perfume, Sweet Honesty.  It is amazing that Mrs. Deeter didn’t kick me out of 4th grade for how strong the smell must have been!  Adella was always very, shall I say…forceful…in making me wash my face at night.   THANK GOD!  You can not imagine the amount of teenagers and even some 40 year olds that we have to beg make them wash their faces.  I am trying that same tactic(but now on the receiving end of the eye rolls)with Anna Katherine and Audrey with the help of Clarasonic:)  The second best thing she taught me was.. EXFOLIATE.  She swore by Mary Kay Gentle Creamy Cleanser with a cheap washcloth for 2o years. Third but most important, ‘Mamaw Della’ has never liked me to be tan.  She would tell me stories of how as a teenager she would lay out all day with baby oil and iodine and had the best looking tan legs, but always had an abundance of sunscreen around to keep me pasty and white!  The one that I remember the most is called Bullfrog.    Visit their website.  This stuff is still amazing, www.bullfrogsunscreen.com. I even saw it tonight at Whole Foods!  Use it all over you and all over your kids.  Heck, put it on your dog’s nose!  The more sun damage I see everyday, the more protection I use.

I have daughters, that are growing up faster than I did, I am pretty sure.  We spend countless hours painting nails, fixing hair and applying tons of glitter eyeshadow.  My bathroom is stocked to the brim with mascaras, eyelash curlers, lotions and nail polish…..but I am still teaching them the same “skin values”…..Don’t tan, wash your face, exfoliate, use sunscreen.  It has worked for my momma.  She looks great and hardly has any wrinkles at all!  Plus, She is extra sweet and beautiful inside.

Mother’s Day is Sunday and I can not wait to get there.  Mother’s Day gifts of Obagi in hand and ready to get spoiled rotten! Going to church and sitting in the same pew with my mom and grandmother. Then I am sure at lunch the advice concerning my love life will flow freely…I will try my best to not do too many eye rolls!  I am blessed to still get to hear that annoying advice. HA!!!!!

Love you, Mamaw Della!

Other blogs are fun to read too……

So I have a confession, I may or may not be addicted to this blog. This girl is super cool and I am pretty sure I have a slight crush. She blogs often, and the pictures and content are always fantastic! I have put together loads of preppy outfits and even learned to braid my daughter’s hair(in cool hip braids!!!) I watched the newest video that she has posted, and I knew I had to share it with our EMA ladies! http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/
read it.
love it.
follow it.

Happy Birthday, Dr.Kris!!!!!

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. – Lucille Ball

Happy Birthday, Dr. Kris!  We love you!!!!!