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Oh My Gosh! Do You Have Chickenpox??

Yes, that has been asked of me before… because of the many breakouts and the horrid acne I had on my back and shoulders.  Not cute.  At all.  Most women have struggles with hormonal acne at least once in their life and it always is at the very worst time.  Mine decided to come after baby #3, the handsome Baby Jeff.  Pregnancy and hormones hated me. 

Dr. Leventhal lived next door to me at the time and was just starting East Memphis Aesthetics.  I deemed myself her personal guinea pig for almost everything.  Juverderm in my lips, Botox around my eyes, Seraphim Skincare, Image products, Cranberry peels, waxing….pretty much everything.  The acne products were the worst struggle.  Nothing really worked.  Everything burned. I even had a chemical burn on the left side of my face from using an Image mask for too long!!!  UGLY!!!

When we first carried OBAGI we only had the core pieces of the Nu-Derm System and several other lines that included vitamin c and acne medication.  One day our sweet OBAGI rep(Jennifer)looked at my skin and said…”please try this Pore Therapy, and if you do, you will never use anything else!’ 

I feel like there should be some angels singing when you see this bottle for the first time…..


From that moment on…. OBAGI Pore Therapy, has been my very best friend and go to product even when I am almost too lazy to wash my face(or I have had an extra glass off wine)

  1. It contains salicylic acid
  2. It is a liquid.
  3. It makes my skin feel cold when I put it on
  4. It smells really great.
  5. It is the ONLY product I have ever used that helps with blackheads and congestion on my face and shoulders. Prevents and corrects acne.
  6. Everyone that buys it and adds it into their normal Obagi routine(in place of Toner #2) LOVES it and is addicted.
  7. We sell out of it…a lot, becasue that many people love it.  

My supa’ handsome boyfriend tries to steal it out of my medicine cabinet.  He loves it.  People compliment his skin when he uses it..(he will probably kill me when he finds out that I outed him on-line…he wears camo out in public, like to Alchemy for date night…so he still has his man card!)

Teenage girl and boy clients of ours have seen GIANT progress in their skin from the OBAGI Clenziderm products.  The system is only 3 steps.  Wash, tone, spot treat.  ….and sunscreen of course. Image

Being in the 7th grade is hard, being in the 7th grade with acne and zits, is EMBARRASSING! 

Being 31 is hard, being 31 with acne and a zit, is HORRIBLE!

Being 45 is hard(I don’t know this first hand, but I sure hear it a lot)…Being 45 with a zit is TRAGIC!

Never fear….we will help you keep it all under control!


Hey! Let’s Peel My Face Off

So, I see people walking out of our office everyday after having procedures done……and  I have a bunch of big events coming up, so I asked Mollie if she would fix me up!  I will be the first to admit that I haven’t been the best about using my Obagi lately at night and I really wanted a boost to get me going in the right direction.  When I told Mollie my list of concerns, 1) I only had the weekend for downtime, 2)I was going to be outside all weekend at soccer and football games, 3) I am a bit of a baby and I didn’t want it to hurt or burn, 4) I wanted to have a GIANT change in my skin and come out looking like Britney Spears.    She informed me that all the peels in the world were never going to make me look like Britney(Mollie can be very mean)   She suggested the Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE.  It is made to be gentle on the skin, you will just experience mild peeling and redness and will reveal fresh, glowing skin!  Okay, I want fresh glowing skin, I am in!

I was nervous.  No idea why.

She started off cleansing my face with her “magic’ Mollie hands…

I think Mollie’s work is the very best.  She calmed me down immediately.

After cleaning she started going over what exactly was going to happen…..

All cleansed and ready to go!!

First she starts with the first layer of the peel…it was tingly and burned a tiny bit, not a lot but just a little…..

So I used the fan to “cool” me off

I could feel the solution getting tighter on my face and Mollie informed me that this was the process called “frosting”

It’s when the peel is doing it’s very best work!!  I was pretty excited at this point!

This stayed on my face for about 5 minutes before Mollie added the 2nd layer and then I had another “frosting”

I was just hanging out thinking about how awesome my skin was going to look this weekend!!!

You actually leave the office with the peel solution on your face…..I had no idea of this! And the longer you leave it on without washing off is best.

So she just loaded me down with the Obagi Sunshield SPF 50 and sent me on my way!

I was ready to go and very excited to see my results!

Home to grab a hat and off to football I went!  Some of the white was left on my face but it really wasn’t noticeable at all.

I washed my face that night with Obagi Gentle Cleanser and went to bed.

During this process…Treat the skin gently.  DO NOT EXFOLIATE! about to two days after the peel you will notice mildly dry, red, or flaking skin.  DO NOT PICK! That crusty crusty crust will fall off on it’s own.

The next morning I was pretty red and felt really dry.  So I chose to not wear any makeup….I have the option of this because so many people knew I had the peel and knew why I was so red.    I was totally the mom taking pictures of herself while waiting in the St. Mary’s carpool though( I didn’t have a choice, people)

The dry feeling of my skin was made better by the Obagi Sunshield SPF 50…and I was very grateful for it.  I felt very tight before the peeling started.

Saturday morning my friend Allison insisted I go to Pure Barre, even with a peeling face.  I put a little Jane Iredale Tinted Moisturizer on and hit the road.

I threw on a hat afterwards and back to football.  Several people at the game asked about my peeling face, but I pretty sure only because of my post on our Facebook. They could already tell a difference in my skin!!  Whoop Whoop!

Sunday was the worst red peeling day….So I was sore from Pure Barre and my face was red and kinda nasty.  I cheated….I used my Clarasonic Brush that morning with some Obagi Foaming Gel…don;t tell Mollie.  I definitely got most of the peeling off my lower face but I could tell that my skin looked fantastic underneath.

(audrey didn’t care that I looked a hot mess a little bit)

Monday I went back to my same Obagi RX System routine and I have to say I am VERY pleased with the results!

I am the most excited that my skin look so much better without having to have a weeks downtime and I could go on with my normal activities!


It feels like I have an entire new fresh face…. So I am ready to roll for my BFF’s Bachelorette party this weekend in Nashville!!!!

This was EXACTLY what I needed for a little “get me all ready for fall and get this nasty summer skin off my face” pick me up!

After all of this…I, Erica Farmer, vow to use my Obagi every morning and every night..including the RETIN-A and not fall into the trap of skin laziness again!