Thank you, for pretending to not see me..while I was pretending to not see you.


I saw this poster like 6 months ago and laughed out loud.  Not that I am proud of pretending to not see people, especially people that I like, but sometimes you are “required” to do so for work.  You see…..not everyone in town wants to explain how they know Dr. Kris, Mollie, and myself.  We LOVE laughing it up in the office about everyone’s latest carpool fiasco, workout class, crazy ex-husbands, and the new shoes you got on sale on vacation…but we know you really don’t want to explain to your next door neighbor how we know one another.  We want all our patients to naturally look their best, and that means not being able to tell you have Botox, Juvederm, or have had any laser services.  Natural makeup…because you have awesome skin…and a forehead that still allows you to be angry:)  So when you see us in Target, the little Kroger at Pop and Perkins, Fresh Market, and what feels like every sporting event in the city….PLEASE do not be offended when we don’t approach you.  It is for your confidentiality……but Hey! If you don’t care, we don’t care! Tell everyone in the city you come here!  Like our post on Facebook to win FREE services, Botox, Juvederm, and products.  Refer your friends and neighbors and build referral fees for discounts on EMA stuff.  Word of mouth is our best advertisement:) 

Mention our blog when you schedule an appointment and I will give you $25 off!  WHOOOP WHOOOP!



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