What’s so magic about that?

I think most of you would probably assume that I would be crazy about the new movie… Magic Mike, and I must admit that I considered seeing it on a girls night with some of my crazy fun girlfriends.  I don’t know why this has bothered me since day one, because I am normally not a prude(that I am aware of) But I just can’t do it.

I read a blog this morning about the movie and decided I would write my own….

Last week, while sitting at the lake, I posted a picture of our past President,Ronald Reagan on our EMA Facebook , for the 4th of July, and thought about just how handsome and honorable he had been.  His wife, years later, even published a book of all the sweet letters he had written to her. I am just guessing that Matthew McConaughey isn’t writing love letters like this…..Image

(I mean really, how sweet…and he looked so handsome in a cowboy hat and he even kept his SHIRT ON)


Make no mistake, I get it.  Channing Tatum is handsome and for as long as I can remember Matthew McConaughey has been walking around shirtless.  But I try my best to not do anything that I wouldn’t want my girls to do…and while I know that I haven’t seen the movie(and I guess there are a few moral lessons within the script) I want them to know and value what true masculinity really is. 

“Sexy” to me is….

a man that will always lead the prayer at dinner with his family.

a man who is stressed out from working long hours, but still comes home and mows his own yard, waters the flowers, and still finds time to build a lego plane with a 6 year old little boy:)

a man who loves his mother and talks to her almost everyday. 

a man who has self-control and values others opinions.

a man who would never go see a movie about female strippers and their lifestyle and then post about it on his Facebook.

a man who is such a great friend that even though he doesn’t have any children of his own yet…will volunteer to coach your son’s off season soccer team and all the kids will adore him!

a man that is such a great friend….will come over on Christmas EVE morning just to watch your children open their presents from Santa Clause a day early and pretend it’s REAL Christmas day with you, because those same kids are going to spend the actual Christmas Day with their dad that year. 

On the East Memphis Moms Facebook page yesterday someone posted a picture of a dad at the Memphis Zoo wearing a hot pink Barney backpack and strolling behind his FOUR little girls, it had gotten like 7,000 “likes” in Memphis!…now that is handsome. 

 Just my thoughts…..I know you probably have your own:)


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