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Best App Ever!!!!

Best App Ever!!!!

A few years ago I discovered one of the most important apps of my life – one that counts my calories and tracks my weight:

My Fitness Pal (

This app is designed to accept your current weight and design a customized program to meet your weightloss goals in a designated time frame. Yes, it sounds complicated, but it’s much easier than picking up your phone and dialing 1-800-Jenny!

All you have to do is log onto your iPhone MyFitnessPal app, or the MyFitnessPal website, every day and enter what you”ve eaten and any exercise you’ve done that day.  The app does the rest for you – it tells you how many calories you’ve consumed for the day and where your weight will be in a set time frame if you continue eating that way.  It will also tell you your nutritional intake for the day, i.e. total fat grams, carbs, protein, etc.

What amazed me is that almost every food, ranging from grocery store to fast food, is available on the site.  To search for foods you’ve consumed, you can either type them in the search box or there’s a scanner available in the app.  Yes, you can actually scan the barcode on the packaging and it will give you the nutritional value of that food item!!!!!

So, all that is good, but the absolutely best part of all…….

This app is FREE….yipppeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!